Salt and Light

Originally built in 1787 on the landplot that once housed the town’s Saltworks, this house is a stunning and seamless blend of new home construction and historic renovation on both the exterior and interior.

The owners originally bought this historic treasure hoping to restore and renovate. But after a more in-depth review a significant portion was declared unsalvageable. AD negotiated with the Historic Committee and received permission to save only the oldest portion of the house, which enabled us to build a brand new, connected home.

The process involved lifting and moving the historic portion to create space for new construction with optimum water views. The 1787 section underwent an in depth, historic renovation. The original wood in the floor, ceilings and beams was salvaged, repaired and refinished creating a stunning space that is permeated with life and history.

The transition from the old to the new is nearly seamless. The new home construction features an open living space that includes a classic, custom kitchen and spaces for both informal and formal dining and sitting, all with a view of the bay framed by the wild-life and beauty of Salt Marsh.