photo montage of Dave Bushnell builder in house being renovated


Innovative, Efficient and Comprehensive – many of our clients find Design/Build the perfect solution.

What is the Design/Build difference?

A Single Source of Accountability:

When you engage in the Design/Build process we are your only call to make for every aspect of your project. This gives you an assurance of top quality from start-to-finish.

  • One point of contact
  • Design time reduced on drawings, schedules, and specifications
  • Simplified bidding and negotiating
  • Streamlined Construction Administration

Why AD Build?

We have over 30 years of knowledge and experience with the local building community and our priority is to assemble the best team for you and your project. Our hope is to take some of the stress out of the experience so that you can enjoy creating your new home.

We look out for you

  • By submitting early building permit application
  • By simplifying the time-consuming bid process
  • By reducing construction delays by working closely together on design decisions
  • By making material selections early and coordinating delivery in a timely manner
  • By providing on-line access to your design decisions, construction schedules and estimates